Bushings Kit

Are you Replacing the bushings in your Leaf Springs?
Do you have a 1999-2004 Super Duty or 2000-2005 Excursion?
Do you have a Revtek Lift?
Be sure to replace both front and rear bushing in each leaf. If you are already removing the spring, it is a wise idea to replace both bushings while the leaf is removed from the vehicle.
You should also replace the U-bolts and hardware any time you must remove them to service other components. The reasons to replace them are:
- The threads will most likely be rusted and corroded from their time spent on the vehicle. Creating a situation where they will not go back together smoothly, or where they are stuck and must be damaged to be removed from the vehicle.
- The fine thread high nut and fine thread U-bolt threads actually distort when they are torqued. When you re-tighten or re-torque the nuts, you are grabbing onto new threads, so you still can hold the torque properly, but if you remove and reinstall the nuts, then you will not be able to maintain the proper torque.
- The threads will go from being cut to being rolled once they have been tightened. Again this causes the nut not to be able to properly hold the correct torque.
- If the U-bolts were tightened with an impact tool, then they may have been fatigued due to over torque on one leg, or fatigued from one leg being over torqued and the other being under torqued.
- Loose U-bolts can cause suspension components to move and cause them to break or wear prematurely.
Because of this Revtek Suspension is proud to announce the release of our bushing package. This includes the following for the front suspension springs: front eyelet bushings, rear eyelet bushings and U-bolts and U-bolt hardware. Don’t take a chance with the U-bolts. Just replace them and feel good knowing they will hold the proper torque.