Tractor Cab Racks


Whether it’s a standard size or a custom fit, ProTech cab racks and droms are manufactured to the highest standards. Our cab racks and droms are made with high-strength aluminum and give your tractor trailer a custom look.

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Cab racks and droms manufactured to the highest quality and standards

  • Crafted with high-strength aluminum - Wide range of options and sizes - Customized to fit your tractor trailer

Strength when you need it

  • Droms designed with load-bearing decks - Carries 1,000 lbs. per linear foot

Customize your rig

  • Stainless steel doors - Custom height, width, etc. - Adjustable shelf - Custom light configuration

NOTE: Failure to use ProTech mounting kits — and follow the provided directions — will affect the performance and load rating of droms as well as void the warranty.